EVO Tapas Kitchen & Cabaret Closed After Three Months, Already Something Else


well, here is the news from a week ago about EVO closing and reopening as Theory.... http://www.seattlegayscene.com/2012/08/i…

You mean Regione? That's like Quartier in Paris (Quarter), or Arrondissement (Borough, or "section around a center").

Hard to mess up vodka.
Thanks for this. I spent the morning scouring CHB for info on both the Wandering Goose and the new Stowell restaurant.
Rione XIII will be on 15th Ave East at the corner of Harrison - the Stranger food guide has the address without the "east" so it maps to 15th & Jefferson.
Will. Regioni were the ancient (Augustan-->medieval) divisions. It's Latin. Rioni (Italian) are the Renaissance-->modern non-administrative divisions of the old central city. (The still more modern administrative divisions of greater Rome are the municipi.)

It's right there in the restaurant's logo.