Apparently, Chris Hayes is MSNBC's newest Rachel Maddow impersonator? Because this is some pretty shameless cribbing from the Maddow playbook. But! Hayes made a very valid point yesterday, when his show dug up footage of Paul Ryan giving a full-throated defense of George W. Bush's stimulus package. Get a load of this high-class weaseling:

Get a load of this:

"We have a lot of laid off workers, and more layoffs are occurring," [Ryan] continued. "And we know, as a historical fact, that even if our economy begins to slowly recover, unemployment is going to linger on and on well after that recovery takes place. What we have been trying to do starting in October and into December and now is to try and get people back to work. The things we're trying to pass in this bill are the time-tested, proven, bipartisan solutions to get businesses to stop laying off people, to hire people back, and to help those people who have lost their jobs."

I wish 2012 Romney could debate 2002 Ryan, and 2012 Ryan could debate 1994 Romney. The Republican Party certainly has become the party of change.