Phyllis Diller


My money is that Betty White is going to be next or Prince Phillip
RIP to one of the funniest ladies of all time. How nice it was in her sleep. Few are so fortunate.
Awww. I have many many fond memories of her wacky humor when I was young. Hadn't heard much from her in recent years, of course, but she was a bit of a groundbreaking comedienne in her day.

RIP funny lady.
Personal hero, American treasure. What a long and rambunctious life she had, we should all be so lucky. RIP.
Could someone provide a good youtube of her hilarity?
Wasn't she wonderful - sui generis. RIP.
Her breezy, snide commentary was hilarious -- her fabulous hair even better. Especially back in 60s & 70s TV there was nobody remotely like her. If I was religious I'd be hoping that heaven was a couch on a neverending talk show with Phyllis Diller and Paul Lynde.
@5, you could start with Ed Sullivan in 1969:…

I don't know what this is from, but it's funnier:…

Here she is with Liberace:…

8 - thanks! I'm on my to see the proctologist, but in an hour or so, I'll give you a reaction to the vids.
1. Someone HAS to go through and digitize her gag file to post online for posterity.

2. Off to look for a clean .mp3 of Phyllis Diller's laugh to set as my ringtone for a while.
That's precisely one of the key bits of advice George Carlin had for new comedians: Keep a whole bunch of jokes in categorized index cards. If you think of something funny, write it down. Always be writing. You may have no place for the joke right now, but it could be useful later on.
@8 thanks again, she's funny. she likes to make fun of herself a lot.
@1 My money is on your going before them. Too bad you won't be around for me to collect on your bet. Be sure to send us a post card. How awfully insensitive of you, you necrophiliac.
@7 Considering the numbers of wonderful, marvelous, and talented artists who have left us in the last few months, there must be some whang bang party going on right now on an island in the astral plane right now. Laugh your butt off literally.
I was watching some tv comedy show last week, and they were making fun of the word Marvelous.
RIP Phyllis. Thanks for the laughs. A very funny lady who lived her life to the fullest! 95 years old...we should all live so well!

Ah, HA HA HA HA HA ha! [/phyllis]
I'm jowls deep in sadness.