Delaware Daycare Shut Down After Employees Allegedly Encourage Toddlers to Fight


The first rule of Toddler Fight Club is: You don't talk about Toddler Fight Club.
@1 - ...but mostly because you lack the verbal skills to adequately describe it.
Daycare is an important alternative option. But I cringe when I hear young expecting parents discuss daycare options.
We love children so much in this fucked up nation we pay anyone who cares for them piss poor wages, buy cheap crap from China that leaks lead and who knows what other poisonous shit and stuff our children with processed "food" that would survive a nuclear war.

The only thing shocking is this doesn't happen more
Maybe people should raise their own fucking kids.
@5 Just when I think you're out of stupid, indefensible comments, you pull out another doozie!

Maybe some people have jobs, you worthless fucking asshole.
@3 That's basically the same comment as @5, just couched in gentler language, but equally stupid.

It's not that simple in families where both parents have to work. It's a difficult decision whether you sacrifice half of your household income in order to have a stay-at-home parent, or keep working, pay for daycare, and miss the opportunity to spend more time with your child.

It's not selfishness or neglect, it's cold economic reality. The socioeconomically priveleged have a choice, but most people's circumstances dictate that choice for them.

The republicans want to:
1) Restrict schools from teaching sex ed and reproduction
2) Outlaw abortion
3) Refuse financial and material aid to poor families
4) Limit unemployment assistance

And then you dolts come out and say day care's not an option either.

Maybe they should pray to god to "miracle" them help raising their kids? Or "miracle" them not to get pregnant?

Do either of you have a real fucking solution? Or are you still the problem?
I'll add to that. If you want any hope of raising a family and being able to retire some day you need two incomes since Social Security is disappearing(especially for those of us under 55), college costs are continuing to skyrocket and aid is disappearing, and if you want to have a safety net for your family you have to have two incomes to provide your own since the social safety net continues to be gutted.
Dear Pheobe et al.,

Could you stop posting completely stupid and useless ideas on this forum? I have no political reason for this, but whenever I read your dumbass thoughts I get sad for humanity. Also, I think I am the center of the universe.

Childhood poverty rate is over 21% in the US,. Out of 35 industrialized nations, Romania is the only country with a higher rate. What a shame that republicans stop caring about kids once they're out of the womb.

@1 You're my hero sleestak of the day!

Well the day care workers were black. Is that why you aren't calling them terrorists Charles? What if they were whites, or Jews, encoraging this on black or Muslim children. I bet you would be a little more judgemental.
@13: Merriam-Webster English Dictionary defines terrorism as "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion".
Fuck off, you racist nitwit twatponce.
@14 Everytime a white person committs a violent crime Charles whines that if a black person had done the same thing they'd be labelled a terrorist. Not racist, just calling Charles on his racist double standards. Furthermore anytime a crime is committed by a white man or Isreali Charles makes negative generalizations about a whole group of people, often using racially charged innuendos. Why not here?
@8: Yes, that is true.

Still, the optimal way to raise children is with a stay at home parent as I did. I'm not criticizing those who rely on daycare because both parents must work; I'm just saying that if I were planning a family in my young twenties, I might hold off until I could at least be home the first few years or more.

Such a disposition should ruffle anyone's feathers, really!
@16 - "I'm not criticizing anyone who can't or won't for whatever reason raise their children exactly like me, I'm just saying I did it the best possible way, and I can't imagine anyone allowing themselves to live any other way."
#8 - you forgot the third option: put off having children, or even forgo having children altogether.
Funny that over 99% of very poorly paid child-care workers don't force children to fight each other.

It can't be that these were just horrible people doing horrible things.

Ideology must be involved.