If everything goes well with my flights, I'll be arriving in Tampa on Sunday night to pick up my press credentials for the Republican National Convention on Monday morning. Tropical Storm Isaac is set to arrive in Florida on Monday.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn downplayed the threat Wednesday morning, saying that there’s plenty of time to prepare for the possibility of Isaac.

“I’m not really worried about this one yet,” Buckhorn said on CNN’s “Starting Point.” “The good thing about living in Florida is, we’re accustomed to this. This is our reality every storm season. So we’ve trained for this … but, you know, we’re monitoring it, we’re watching it, we’re tracking it. I think we’re going to be okay, but we’ll be prepared in the event that it heads this way.”

Buckhorn said that safety will come first — going so far as to say that he would cancel or reschedule the convention, if necessary — but he said the experienced staffers working on convention logistics won’t be fazed by weather.

I'm not worried. After all, Republicans have a great track record with managing hurricanes, and with all those evangelical Christians in one city, praying the storm away, Tampa is sure to be the safest place in the United States.