1. Yesterday, the news broke that one of the Navy SEALs who raided Osama bin Laden's compound will publish a book about the killing of bin Laden. Today, the news broke that that SEAL's anonymity may have been compromised by Fox News:

The book, "No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden," is set to hit shelves on Sept 11. It is penned under the pseudonym "Mark Owen," according to the publisher, but multiple sources told Fox News his name is in fact Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Wrangell, Alaska. Bissonnette could be exposing himself to legal trouble, as the Pentagon has not vetted the account.

2. Because anonymity is very important to Navy SEALs, see. Unless they're about to go on national television to talk about how much they hate President Obama in a surprise RNC appearance:

The controversy surrounding conservative veterans groups criticizing President Obama over the killing of Osma Bin Laden is heading to Tampa next week, with three organizations planning to hold an event at Liberty Plaza on Tuesday.

The event, called "Defending the Defenders," is being hosted by three political action committees whose goal has been to raise questions about the White House's handling of the Bin Laden raid, as well as the alleged leaking of national security information.

"This high-energy tribute to the ment women of the United States military will feature former members of SEAL Team Six, Army Rangers, Gold Star parents and modern day patriots with a few surprise guests," reads the flyer obtained by BuzzFeed.

This attempt to swiftboat President Obama—they charge that he was indecisive, before he finally gave the order to shoot Osama bin Laden in the fucking face—is an interesting one. I'm not so sure that it can work, because President Obama is a known quantity, whereas it was easier for Republicans to swiftboat John Kerry because he was just coming onto the national stage. They defined him as a coward. Obama can just point to bin Laden's body—metaphorically speaking, of course—as proof that he gets results.