I'm in Love with a Robot


The same robot and I can't have a really successful long term relationship because it constantly misunderstands every voicemail my mom leaves me.
@1, but it misunderstands everything so entertainingly! In the year (or more?) I've had this I always look forward to comparing the transcription to the actual voicemail. Verbatim from the other day, random caps and all: "Fight On, on, its. 5. After not mine. Hey, about 7:15 and I intend not thing No, Hey. It's fine. Isn't hey. Not terribly long or The interesting. Really or So. That's it. I'll be up for a little while if you want to call."

News Weather Flash...all heck is breaking loose in NOLA.

Live Bourbon Street Cam:

In all fairness, the voice messages I get translated into text aren't themselves much better in terms of being able to decipher them. People need to speak slower and - ENUNCIATE.
3, Wow, it sure is! When I just checked that, there was a large man standing in the middle of the street, wearing Crocs, a lifejacket, a straw hat and a red cape. Then the police drove up with flashy lights.

This is my new favorite teevee station! Thanks!
I finally gave in to my worst impulses about six months ago and changed my voice mail message to, "Thanks for calling. Please be aware that this voice mail box never, ever gets checked. (Love the use of the passive voice there!) You can always try a text message if you want, but no guarantees via that method, either."

I absolutely hate the assumption that we must be reach-able by anyone at anytime. *grumble* Send me a damn carrier pigeon if it's that important.

Now there's a guy waving his red poncho like a bull fighters cape....
oh...now it is a fat man and a frat guy in capes acting like assholes minus the cops. That sure is something
Technologically speaking, no, this is still pretty dang cool. Parsing language out of speech is one of the more complicated things that humans do, and every step this technology takes is impressive.

That's awesome. Next time you know they'll not be able to take the call you should call that person back and leave them that very message.
Ok, I'll ask. What googley thing translates your voice messages into text? I'd like that.
Royksopp reference? Great track btw.
@12 - I came here to say this too.
@1 - I love the robot specifically for that reason!! Every phone call message has turned into hilarity and I often read the funniest ones back to the people who left them! I love this feature... (I can usually guess what the message is about from seeing certain key words and if I am still stumped - I log in to gmail and actually listen to the message).