Not really. But the libertarian-leaning Seattle Times editorial columnist does support Socialist Alternative Party candidate Kshama Sawant's right to state her party preference on the November ballot.

Sawant does have a party preference. The Aug. 7 ballot labeled her a Socialist in the Pedersen race. Voters saw her name printed under Pedersen's, and wrote it one inch away, under Chopp's, which is the only way 3,605 voters would put down "Kshama Sawant" and get it right.

She was listed as a Socialist. You couldn't miss it.

I am not arguing here for socialism, but for clarity. Let's not put lies on the ballot. She has a party preference.

I don't get to say this too frequently, but I totally agree with Ramsey. (Oh no... it burns... IT BURNS!!!)

Sawant is asking a judge to compel elections officials to put her party preference on the ballot. Yesterday Sawant sent a letter to House Speaker Frank Chopp, her opponent in her 43rd LD House race, asking him to support her rights by making a public statement before tomorrow's 8:30 AM King County Superior Court hearing

No word yet on whether Chopp will comply with Sawant's reasonable request, but since the two candidates will be meeting with the SECB later this afternoon, I suppose we'll have the chance to ask him face to face.