Perhaps it's a gesture of goodwill. Or maybe it's easier to beat an opponent who doesn't have the word "Socialist" after her her name...

Either way, House Speaker Frank Chopp—who doesn't risk losing this election in any case, and seems motivated by goodwill—will join his challenger, Kshama Sawant, asking the Secretary of State to list her "Socialist Alternative" party preference on the November ballot.

And really, why the hell not?

Sawant ran in the primary election with "Prefers Socialist Alternative party" next to her name on the ballot against Jamie Pedersen in the 43rd District, but after she got more write-in votes as a challenger against Chopp, she switched races. Now Secretary of State Sam Reed has insisted that the ballot must say "states no party preference." That's obviously dishonest—she has stated her party preference. And Sawant's campaign filed a lawsuit a few days ago asking the state to change its position (the suit argues that Sawant did file her party preference and that the state has discretion on this issue). Finally, she called on Chopp yesterday to back her up.

What did Chopp say in a meeting today with The Stranger? "I'll be sending an email to the secretary of state in support of Kshama being able to state her party preference on the ballot," he told us. Good man. A judge will hear the case—and likely make a ruling—at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, in the King County Courthouse, room W711, at 516 3rd Avenue.