We're Driving Less, Burning Less Gas


No kidding. All those unemployed people don't have to drive to work...
Actually, exports from our region continue to climb.

If it wasn't for gas-guzzling inefficient tax-subsidized Red States, America would be doing fine, @1.

Alternatively...last person turn out the lights.
We're driving less miles, using less gas.

The future's so bright, I got to wear shades ...
And my contribution is...giving up my car and going back to the bike. Yeah, really. And no, I didn't get a DUI or anything. We still have a car in the family, and I still have a license, renewed today in fact (my picture looks like it was taken at the exact moment my guilty verdict on 40 charges of child molestation was read out in court).

Anybody want a clapped-out '96 Tercel with a half-inch coating of mold and moss?
@4 -- whoa, check out Hipster Will, rockin' some ill Timbuk 3 lyrics! Break it down, Willster!
But fuck stop sign running cyclists amirite?
@7, that depends. In out-of-the-way areas where there is no traffic either way, blowing a stop sign, after slowing considerably, doesn't bother me. If there's alternating, then yes, you must stop, though you can go with the car you're next to if there's room (i.e., no one parked at the corner across). Red lights = stop. It's pretty straight-forward, actually, and not all that different than driving: stay out of people's way.
My office is within sight of my house so I don't ever drive to work since it would take longer to walk to my car so I guess I'm part of that driving less crowd. When I do drive around Seattle, I feel like I'm stuck in way worse traffic than I ever was before, and way more often. 99 has been completely fucked by SDOT. It's now consistently clogged from Fremont to SoDo. I-5 is still the shitshow it always was.
Little surprise that regular commuters think there is a war on cars.
Congratulations non car driving North Westerners.
Expensive gas = can't afford to drive as much. That's got nothing to do with environmental morality.