At's request, NYU journalism professor Charles Seife reviewed 18 of Jonah Lehrer's posts for the site and found:

...14 instances in which Lehrer recycled his own work, five posts that included material directly from press releases, three posts that plagiarized from other writers, four posts with problematic quotations and four that had problematic facts.

Amazingly, in the last paragraph over here, professor Seife says, well, it's kinda-sorta HIS (and all of us media types') fault:

Seife does not blame Lehrer exclusively though. “Lehrer’s transgressions are inexcusable—but I can’t help but think that the industry he (and I) work for share a some of the blame for his failure,” he writes. “He rose to the very top in a flash, and despite having his work published by major media companies, he was operating, most of the time, without a safety net. Nobody noticed that something was amiss until it was too late to save him.”

He needed to be saved by someone telling him to write his own work?