PAX, Day Two: Too PAXed, Too Furious


"the crazily fecund and mossy Wolfgang-Puck-mushroom-distribution platforms (straight-up green magic?)"

Black/green, as it happens. The Golgari guild is heavily focused on life arising from death, so they love them some fungi.
Hooray! Some gentlemen scholars afforded me an extra badge this evening and I will be able to enjoy approximately 1.15 days of PAX!
Huzzah @balderdash! We'll watch for you today.

@WhiteWizard42, d'oh, we should have our Magic licenses revoked for thinking that anything Ravnica was mono-color. We cut our teeth back in the days of the Dark and Ice Age and often betray our modern Magic ignorance...
Took my boy to his first PAX today. He's 4, and his mind was officially blown in the best of ways.