Granted, this isn't as important as his factually challenged RNC speech, but it still says something of his character:

"I had a two hour and fifty-something" marathon, Ryan said last week an interview. "I hurt a disc in my back, so I don’t run marathons anymore."

But the Ryan campaign confirmed to Runner's World that he has only run one marathon, the 1990 Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, which he finished in just over 4 hours.

"The race was more than 20 years ago, but my brother Tobin—who ran Boston last year—reminds me that he is the owner of the fastest marathon in the family and has never himself ran a sub-three," Ryan said in a prepared statement. "If I were to do any rounding, it would certainly be to four hours, not three. He gave me a good ribbing over this at dinner tonight."

So the supposed numbers genius of the Republicans believes you can round from over four hours to "two hour[s] and fifty-something." That's kind of a troubling thing to hear from the budget guy, but it's also indicative of a greater problem. As Jonah Lehrer just proved, if you're willing to casually lie or mislead about such a tiny detail, there are probably much bigger lies floating around in there, too. Lying is an especially bad trait if your last name rhymes with "Lyin'" and you're on a presidential ticket. Things tend to stick that way.