No Rain in Sight


What are the odds that after 40 freaking days of sunshine the day we're having a cookout is the cloudy day?
Counting the 4 sunny-ish days following Sept. 9, one in 53 :)
It's a shame Slog can't have some sort of a banner ad that references the weather forecast someplace on the page, maybe toward the bottom, and have it expand and disrupt your web browser if/when you inadvertently hover over it.
Damn Seattle! We complain when it rains for months on end and we all grow webbed feet and mold, and now we complain because its too sunny! SMH. If this is "global warming" or climate change I say "bring it on!".
@4 - Some of us love the rain and the cold. If I wanted sunshine, I'd live pretty much anywhere else.
I think this makes for a great bar bet.

Seattle's consecutive dry day record vs. consecutive rainy day record?
A) Dry > Rainy
B) Rainy > Dry
C) Dry = Rainy
@5 YES, This is fucking awful. I've never moved elsewhere partly because I love the rain and clouds and can only take a few days at most of this shit.
Looks like perfect weather for the free, outdoor 14/48 festival this weekend.
@5 & 7 - Relax. This doesn't happen every year. Soon enough we'll have another summer where it rains daily through mid-August and only cracks 70 three times.
Thanks to a good snow pack from last winter, there's no restrictions in watering. This is a gardener's paradise!
I'll take the sun without complaint.

Rain is great but after the past few years, this stretch of sun is beautiful!

Perhaps this spell is out of the ordinary and that might be alarming but the lack of sun in recent years is also extreme.
So did human-induced global warming cause the dry days of 1951 also?
Can we please just term the phrase drypocalypse
@ 9 Actually this happens most summers when it rains rarely, and doesn't get above 80, or that the way its been in the 20 years it can be. The last two summer were exceptions to the rule.

@ 5 & 7, how can you complain, its not too hot and we still get rain 9 months of the year. Look in another month it will be back to rain, you will be fine.

This is why I love Seattle, the summers here are the best. Not too hot and little rain.
Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we bitch about the weather!
Enjoy this stretch...we are down to just days (maybe two or three weeks) until the Seattle Rainfest begins!

I miss you, Seattle :(
And we're 8 days from a record dry stretch! Weeeee
As long as it stays below 80, I'm happy.
@1 Poor fucker!

@4, 14 Amen. I'm loving this shit!

@19 Pussy.
@14 You're on target. The fluke this year is that the two week patches of perfect weather haven't been broken up by a brief two day rinse. A complete lack of perfect weather fortnights was the major fluke of the past two summers.
Thank you.
@ 21 Yeah I guess there a rainy day or 2 in there, we do get rain in July and August but on average less than an inch.
Not complaining, but I do look forward to fall & winter.
I don't care about the forecast. I just want to thank you for taking down that fucking pop-up banner.
I was told that global warming would make Seattle cooler and wetter. Now you are telling me just the opposite. Is it any wonder I drink like I do?
I love this, but I'm a fan of sun. Notice I did not say "heat" - I am not a fan of heat. Sun can create heat, but it doesn't have to (as we're experiencing now for instance).

Sun is always welcome.

Latest report on Tropical Depression Issac:

Southern Indiana
Max Sustained Wind: 35 mph

Providing needed rain to Midwest drought…