The Science of Orgasm


Science RULES!
3-10 seconds is bullshit. Minimum 20 seconds and often longer.
Sweet. Though that "resolution" face looks rather unhappy and disgruntled...resentfully looking back at the previous three faces... Dude needs to relax!
Why didn't I go into sexuality instead of chemistry? Fun!
Very interesting. Hey, any transfolks out there who are willing to share how the experience of orgasm changed as they transitioned? I mean, it sounds like it's pretty similar for both men and women, but not entirely.
I should change my handle to "Refractory Period".
That part around 1:40 about self-evaluation, reason, and control being shut down during orgasm suggests a biological explanation why going over multiplication tables and baseball statistics holds off orgasm.
I'm not convinced.

More research is needed.

I will humbly volunteer.
Loved the blog…
Sorry, I'm female and I most certainly do have a refractory period. Not sure what proportion of women have multiple orgasms but I haven't heard anywhere (or from any women) that it's enough of an amount to allow one to say that "women" have multiple orgasms and no refractory periods.
Not bad for a factoid, but some of the conclusions are reported as facts. I know some men who can come 3 times in half? an hour. I guess men do not have a brain, brain stem, nor a prostate according to this video. Should be redone. Left out what happens to a vagina during all this, too. No mention of the 'electrical' energy discharged by the organs, either. A little too simplified to make me want to do it. There's also that wonderful feeling afterwards, which is described as a refractory period, but doesn't seem to be the same thing. 1.3 seconds during an orgasm? ???? How do you account for people who really get off having dangerous and threatening sex? Such as those men in the bushes at the reservoir?
@12 are you looking for specific anecdotes or scientific averages?

@14 "Women do not have a refractory period" is neither a specific anecdote nor a scientific average - it's a blanket statement that is incorrect. "In a recent study, 70% of women had no appreciable refractory period, defined as 60 seconds or longer" would be a scientific statement.

I get that this is supposed to be entertaining as well as educational, and it's both (to some degree), but I'd have liked to see some biological explanation of why orgasms occur rather than a discussion of "areas of the brain lit up" during fMRI studies. That doesn't tell us that much about the biological genesis of orgasm, since we still know so little about the brain.
#5 As a transman, I have the sex drive of a male with the unlimited orgasms of a female. While this sounds great on paper it can be overly annoying in truth. When I first started testosterone I went though the typical male puberty period and wanted to screw any and all phallic shaped objects I could find ALL THE TIME because I had zero cooldown period between orgasms. But as to the orgasm itself, the intensity and duration have not been affected by my transition.