Capitol Hill tenants are organizing a joint marriage-equality fundraiser on September 22 in their apartment buildings after discovering that their landlord recently made a large donation to Preserve Marriage Washington, the campaign opposing marriage equality on the fall ballot.

And they need help.

  • Teresa K.

“We've got parties confirmed at the Granada and the New McDermott, and right now we're looking for hosts in the other buildings,” says Dane Boog, a tenant of the New McDermott Apartments. Boog and others are holding a a planning meeting for their so-called Party to Out-Raise Breier-Scheetz

This Thursday, September 13 at 6:00pm at Arabica Café (1550 E Olive Way).

Anyone interested in helping organize a pro-gay-marriage party in their building is welcome to attend.

As I reported last Friday, records from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission show that on August 24, Breier-Scheetz Properties, LLC, made a $20,000 contribution to Preserve Marriage Washington—one week after allegedly trying to prevent two tenants from hosting a pro-gay-marriage fundraiser in the courtyard of one of its apartment buildings. (The property company only allowed the gay-marriage fundraiser to take place after tenants threatened legal action.) That makes the company the fourth largest donor to the campaign attempting to reject Referendum 74, thereby blocking a state law to legalize same-sex marriages in Washington state.

And according to King County property records, Breier-Scheetz Properties, LLC, owns nine residential buildings on gay-friendly Capitol Hill:

The Hillsborough Condominiums, Lenawee Apartments, Terrace Crest Apartments, The New McDermott Apartments, Mission Inn Apartments, The Granada Apartments, Corinthian Apartments, the Pine Apartments, and a duplex on Howell Street located at 604 E Howell St.

Granada Apartments resident Ben Allen says tenants hope to send their building owner a message: "Don’t come into our community, take our money, and use it against us,” says Ben Allen, a Granada Apartments resident. Or donate directly to Washington United for Marriage.