Dear USA...


Nice troll post.
Today is Patriot Day.
Dear Palestine,

Sorry about that, that sounds really bad. I hope things get better for you.

Sincerely, parts of the USA.
Dear Palestine- I remember well your people cheering when the attack occurred. No hard feelings. But if you think things are bad now, brace yourselves. It's looking more and more like a deadly war is around the corner.
Dear Palestine: you create your own hell. You can make a deal with israel for peace, but you won't. Yes, you have to give up something to get the deal. Get over it. You get no more sympathy than the IRA using violence to recover northern ireland, or mexico using violence to recover california, in fact, you get less, as for years you have rocket attacked israeli women and children and avowed to destroy isreal, and also, before that? your allies invaded israel and gladly would have thrown every jewish person there into the sea, to die, so fuck you. you're not making peace. isreal and the usa have provided prospective deals where you get a nation, a capital, most of the west bank land back, and you won't take it. so you're the problem. and no, israis is not killing 3,000 of your people in rocket attacks every day like happened on 911, so that's a god damned lie, so fuck you. grow the fuck up and make peace, assholes.
Palestine's skyscrapers and military office buildings get hit by hijacked planes every day?
@4: There were a handful of Americans who were happy about the attack as well. People all around the world actually. You do not assume they represent the entire country or its people do you?

Or do you just reserve such blanket statements for people who are from different cultures or areas than you?
Dear Palestine,

Stop teaching your children to hate. That would be a positive step.
@8: yeah, you've got it. A couple quick changes in Palestinian primary school curriculum will completely smooth over 40 years of getting evicted from their houses at gunpoint. You're a genius!
Dear black Americans
Your Trayvon Martin is our TubaMan, James Parlone, Danny Vega, etc.
Your Emett Till is our Yankel Rosenbaum.

@5: "fuck you. grow the fuck up and make peace, assholes."

Did you actually read that as you wrote it? Or did you somehow vomit it upon your keyboard?

"Fuck you, be nice" is a self-defeating position, doncha think?
24/7 never forget
Yes Charles, just like what the KKK did to blacks blacks now do everyday to whites, Jews, and Asians, right? The Crown Heights pogrom is an everyday event just like the burning of Korean businesses is, and the Puerto Rican Day parade rape fest in NYC. And the Madi Gras lynchings in Seattle! That happens every day too, right Charles?
How bout covering the black lynch mobs that make the KKK look civil by comparison? Those actually are occuring pretty close to 24/7. Why so silent about the injustices done by people of your race even when it occurs in this very city?

ps- so how are whites doing in your native ZImbabwe these days, Charles?
#5 talks that way to Native Americans too when they dare to suggest they were here first. That living on a poor reservation and being humiliated is something they should be thankful for. You tell it like it is #5.
@4 "I remember well your people cheering when the attack occurred"

Just last month we had a few school kids, nearly beat to death Palestinians in Jerusalem, just for being an Arab. Dozens of on lookers did nothing to stop this attack, so based on your logic, I guess it means all Israelis are violent racists.

Albert Einstein was 100% wrong about Quantum Theory, doesn't mean he was wrong about everything, doesn't invalidate all his theories. Just because you have a few Palestinians cheering an attack on the USA, doesnt mean ALL Palestinians think this way, just as it doesnt mean all Israeli's are Arab hating bigots.
Dear Middle East,
Thanks for spreading your blood feud to every corner of the globe. The rest of us really needed another excuse to blindly hate & murder each other.
the non-Semitic populations of the world.

(Man, trolling is fun, yet Charles is still a fuckwad.)
We can't all be as perfect as Africans, Charles. It's always great to see blacks point the finger at another group who have far higher standards then themselves.
Isn't it 9/11 24/7 if you are gay, a woman, a religious or ethnic minority in much of Africa, Charles? Black South Africans killed more Zimbabwean immigrants in 1 hour a couple years back then innocent Palestinians killed in a whole year by Isrealis. It aint the Isrealis who cut off the Palestinains genitals and sew them causing them to die from urination problems. It aint the Israelis who stone to death children for being gangraped. The black man is responsible for more injustices in an hour than Jews, whether Isreali or otherwise, committ in a decade. Take a look at your own people for a change. Your behavior is abysmal everywhere, including Seattle.
Charles' posts keep getting shorter...hopefully next one is just a letter or two. maybe 'ZZZ' for the intelectual laziness or the predictible and ridiculous overreaction of the commentors.
@15 And how was this crime different than 3 dozen blacks have committed in Seattle? Why do you think not one of these black on white and black on Asian mob attacks have ever been covered by Charles in SLOG, yet he'll post about it when Jews are doing it in another country?
Dear USA,
Your backing of our 9/11 led to us getting tortured, not torturing other people.
Sincerely, Chile
The link to your other article about public housing in NYC included this quote:
"When Asians, the fastest-growing ethnic group in the city, manage to get an apartment, they are often harassed by residents. Recently, a Chinese family that had been placed at Marcy came home to find the door of their apartment smeared with feces."

I guess it is 9/11 24/7 if you are Asian living in the projects. Any tears Charles?
Because I am goddam tired of seeing people like Andrew S. defending Israel, have a thought provoking article by Mizrahi writer Loolwa Khazzoom: A Big Piece is Missing in this Peace.
@20 for the win.
Dear Charles: Yet your people keep fleeing mama Africa for Isreal. I don't remember anyone fleeing to the WTC when it was exploding. I guess 9/11 is a picnic compared to the injustices the black man committs all over that continent on which you were born.
I will listen to a black man wail about Isreali injustice when your people cease to flee Africa to take refuge there. Ditto for your whining about Europe, UK, US, etc.
Dear Palestine,

You have excellent Hashish. Makes me crave pork rinds.

Sorry that Charles made comfortable Americans actually have to put things in a global percpective on one of the many days of the year reserved for American Self Victimhood.
You know when your friend is feeling sad because their parent died and then you're all like, well both my parents are dead! And my dog!

Kind of a dick move right?
Um, you folks who bring up Mudede's nationality and/or his race on his Every. Single. Post (when it's only tangentially related, or completely off topic)--you do realize you are outing yourselves as racist idiots, right? He does not speak for all black men any more than you speak for all whites.
@13 is exceptionally American.
Dear Palestine:

Deal with it.

Western Colonialism
What were the forecasted complications of creating a modern Jewish state mid-20th century? Were generations of conflict not anticipated? I've never seriously boned up on world history.
Dear Andrew S.,

Please stop trying to fight anti-semitism with racism against Africans. It doesn't help and is gross.

Someone who has to unfortunately share the "Jewish" label with you
@32 Ignore him. He's a Slog-registered white supremacist. He scans Slog daily and only comments when he sees an opportunity to peddle his anti-African American ideas.

It was anticipated all right. The original plans involved dividing Palestine into two countries. Jews would get what is now accepted as Israel proper, the land in the middle that is actually worth a damn. Palestinians would have gotten Gaza and the West Bank. The land was divided up according to how many Jews and Muslims were living there: Israel proper had the greatest concentration of Jews; Gaza/West Bank had the greatest concentration of Muslims.

Unfortunately for the Palestinians, they wouldn't accept this arrangement and tried unsuccessfully to fight it. Israelis kicked many Palestinians out of Israel proper, many of the rest fled the fighting, and Jordan and Egypt seized the West Bank and Gaza respectively.

The Jordanians and Egyptians refused to grant Palestinians Jordanian and Egyptian citizenship, and, ultimately, Israel seized the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. Israel refused to honor the 1948 UN partition because the West Bank is the Holy Land (the Judea Samara of the Old Testament). Religious lunatics in Israel won't let the government cede that land to the Palestinians conclusively, and the very existence of the Jewish state relies on never granting Palestinians Israeli citizenship.

So here we are.
Dear everybody in the entire world: It's not a fucking contest. Shut the hell up and quit bombing and shooting each other.

@34: Did Arafat help the situation or not? I'd like your opinion.
give me a motherfucking break, palestine. israel is not al qaeda. now fuck off.
@32 AND 33. What did Andrew say that was incorrect? You label him racist. What did he say that was not valid? I can't find it. Calling someone racist for pointing out the hypocrasy that a black American constantly demonizes the Israelis and will post every little mean word or action an Isreali does while ignoring the horrific behavior of people of his own ethnicity and/or nationality occuring in his own city or country is not at all racist. It is extreamly valid.
I have 3 friends who are from Gaza and it is not like "9/11" "24/7". Not even close. It is amazing a black Zimbambean living in America can exagerate the wronggoings of people onof another race, nationality and religion but it is off limits to point out the wrongdoing people or his race committ anywhere on the planet, including in his own city.
@38, i for once agree with andrew s. we should look more closely at the racism against asians in projects. it's something worth pointing out. blacks are not immune to this sort of thing.

nevertheless 9/11 is nothing when compared to Shock and Awe.
"blacks are not immune to this sort of thing."

That is the biggest understatment I've heard in my life. Racism by blacks, against Asians or otherwise, should be looked at more closely regardless of whether it is happening in the projects or anywhere else.


Arafat was always irrelevant.
"blacks are not immune to this sort of thing."


There is nothing more censored in our media that hate crimes committed by people of African decent. Look at SLOG. A billion posts about racism against blacks by whites, Greeks, Isrealis, Egyptians, etc. A few posts about homophobia, anti-semitism, and sexism when it comes from whites. Zero coverage of the anti-Asian hate speech by Marion Barry. Or the thousands of mob attacks by blacks, including a few dozen in Seattle. Or the two Hispanic men killed in a racist and homophobic attack in NYC (the black perps thought they were gay but they were brothers). There are crimes blacks committ every day in America and hate speech spewed by prominent blacks that if happened against blacks once in Isreal Charles would be ranting about it all over SLOG. That's not racist. That's a fact. Aren't blacks capable of being held equally accountable as everyone else? Why the free pass? If blacks are capable of judging the behavior of Jews in another country why the taboo on them being judged and held accoutable for their wrongdoings anywhere on the planet, including America? Nothin racist about it.
Chuckie gives blacks/African-Americans/(insert this week's preferred term here) a pass for everything, but then he'll raise all holy hell about racism when someone points out that his daughter's hair product is making them nauseous.
Dear Charles: " has declared the violence against whites in Zimbabwe a stage 5 case."
Wow! Only 3 more stages to go and it will be as bad a Nazi Germany. Why didn't you tell us Charles? A million posts about the big bad Isrealis but not one about the black man committing genoicide in your home country. Why not?

@44 Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, huh? Look five posts up.

@45 Would you care about anything going on in Zimbabwe if anyone besides whites were the victims? My guess: no.
@, 45 then there was what the shonas did to the matabeles in the mid 80s. not much noise about that also.
@47- I looked it up and there was no reference to any massacre occuring regaring the Shonas in the 1980's. Were you referring to the 1480's? Naw, if you are going to refer to all the wrongdoings of Jews in Isreal today man up and look at the wrongdoings of the black man today also. Including in your native country. Including in Seattle WA