Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is probably the nicest, most approachable guy running for president this year, so I'm enjoying his Reddit AMA a good deal. It's obviously in his voice, and he's charming the pants off those lovable internet-happy nerds. It didn't crash the site or anything the way President Obama's did, but it's an interesting read that you should definitely forward to the Ron Paul-lover in your life.

Johnson is a fascinating figure, because he has some innovative ideas (he's socially progressive) and some batshit ideas (his tax plan would be disastrous). The headline to this post is a quote from his AMA; I think it's the best, most accurate language he's used to describe himself in this race so far. This whole thread alternates between interesting and frustrating, with almost even distribution between those two poles and no middle ground. Some noteworthy exchanges:

Q: I’m gay. What specifically would you do to fight for my rights? Do you differ from President Obama on this subject in anyway? How so?

A: I believe marriage equality is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Leave it to the states and nothing changes.

Q: I'm a college student and I'm wondering what, should you win the presidency, will you do regarding the exorbitant amounts of debt being accrued by us college kids. And also, how do you feel about the space program and what, if any, plans do you have for it?

A: I cry over your graduating from college with a home mortgage, and no home. I think the reason for high college costs is guaranteed government student loans. Long term, we need to populate another planet, because the Earth is going to encompass the sun. Long term, but short term, we have to balance the budget, or find ourselves with no programs whatsoever.

Q: While I understand regulations may prove to be impediments to business, which regulations would you maintain? For example, banking regulations removed by Regan and Clinton are now viewed as the major stepping stones that have led to today’s financial crisis.
What does common sense tell you about environmental issues?

A: Government exists to protect us against individuals, groups, and corporations that would do us harm. Rules and regulations should exist to accommodate this. The EPA protects us against those that would pollute, and without them a lot more polluters would be allowed to pollute.

One thing's for sure: If Johnson were the Republican candidate instead of Mitt Romney, we'd all be having a hell of a lot more fun right now. Go read the whole thread, and let's all start licking our chops over the prospect of a Mitt Romney AMA.