Daily Kos explains the awful truth about Paul Ryan and 9/11:

The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, the law that created the World Trade Center Health Program to provide compensation for illnesses for the first responders and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, has been expanded to include coverage for a variety of cancers...Paul Ryan was among those Republicans voting against providing coverage to the 9/11 heroes. He voted against it in July 2010. He voted against it in September 2010. He didn't vote against final passage in December 2010 because he's already skipped town for the holiday break. But when Congress reconvened in January, he gave a floor statement saying that he would have voted against it, again.

Ryan called the law "a new health care entitlement" in that floor statement. Gotta hand it to the guy: When he shifted gears from Bush-friendly neocon to teabagger poster boy in 2009, he didn't do so in half-measures. Calling 9/11 first responders greedy welfare queens takes a whole lot of nerve.

(Thanks, Slog tipper Ben.)