Lunchtime Quickie: Who's Your Daddy?


I can play 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on my phone. Well, not on my cell phone, but on an old school push button one. Well, I guess it's been a while since I've been on one of those phones & don't know that I'd remember how, but I used to be able to. Was pretty cool too.
B A G A B B B A A A B B B B A G B B B A A B A G!
(Recorder, 3rd grade.)
I love how he acts just like a typical 5 year old--until he starts busting out those pieces...
My child is a failure.
Jesus fucking Christ! Just wait 'til he grows him some fingers, too!

Amazing what the kid can do with those little stubby things. I love the way he puts in some serious elbow and shoulder to get some sound out of the piano. Great attitude and flair. Looks like he's having a great time, too. Gotta love him!
Anyone know what that piece of music is?
Meh. A baby could do it. (Obviously.)

At least one of the pieces, which he performs twice, is "Flood Time" by Eric Thiman. While I tracked that one down via the video's keywords, I'm having no luck with the second piece.
OMG genetic engineering, and you think a GMO ear of corn is a freak!
Yesterday I played several nursery rhymes on my viola for my two-year-old, and she put her hands over her ears and yelled, "No más," over and over again until I quit.

I fail at parenting. She should have been playing the pieces for me.
Can't help but think he is cosmically connected - part of him has done this before...
Man alive, if my kid could play like that, I'd at LEAST cough up a couple bucks to have the damned piano tuned.
the second piece is by bach. probably a keyboard partita.
Gospodean @12, how can your kid play like that if he doesn't have a tuned piano to play on?
... practice on?
@11 I'm inclined to think the same... on the other hand, if it's genetic, then whichever parent it came from could make some good money from selling their eggs/sperm.

I love how the kid seems happy, and doesn't seem to have had his kid enthusiasm crushed by discipline. His piano playing has passion, not just super genius skill.

If this is what the next generation of humans looks like, then maybe there is a future after all.

Or perhaps its training, enthusiasm from the parents and a mild inclination or aptitide that is somehow "genetic".
That piano skills are magicly transferred via genes is kinda questionable - its the same as having an alcoholic parent. It doesn't make you an alcoholic but it may increase the chances of you becoming one slightly, but thats about it.
Just like kids who have parents who are programmers learn to use computers extremely fast this kids parents obviously spends allot of time with him and they have found an activity both enjoy doing. So they keep practicing day in and day out and the boy get a skill for it.
Same with languages - we taught a friends 3 yo to have a small back and forth in French (aswell as English and Swedish). The trick was to teach him which was which and not switch the languages around.
(we also taught him how to swear in English and French aswell as some choice words in Spanish, then his parents got home and we haven't been asked back to baby sit him any more :) )

About "cosmicly connected" ... I have no idea what that even means. Sounds like magic? Couldn't we just claim that his father must have sacrificed another child on the altar of Behusda the demon of pianos?