Good morning, Slog! Had your cup of joe yet? Ready to be horrified???

Last summer, a drunk Arizona police officer named Robb Gary Evans drove himself to a bar, flashed his badge to avoid paying cover at the door, and then walked up behind a woman, put his hand up her skirt, and ran his fingers over her genitals.

...Yet, while Judge Hatch apparently did not view the disgraced former cop’s actions as particularly serious, she had some very harsh words for the woman he assaulted: Bad things can happen in bars, Hatch told the victim, adding that other people might be more intoxicated than she was.

If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you,” Hatch said.

AND: “I hope you look at what you’ve been through and try to take something positive out of it,” Hatch said to the victim in court. “You learned a lesson about friendship and you learned a lesson about vulnerability.”

AND: “When you blame others, you give up your power to change,” Hatch said.

Remember, ladies: If you wear skirts or drink in bars in Arizona and are assaulted, you are not a victim. You should expect stranger's fingers to be shoved uninvited up your vagina, just as you should be grateful to learn some important lessons about friendship and vulnerability afterward. (And if you don't like it, grow a penis.)

Hat tip, Adam.