Next Saturday night at the Moore Theatre, we're all going to be doing this:

Well, some of us will, anyway. Join. Watch. It's time again for the best party of the year.

And this year, none of us editors will know who the Geniuses will be until we hear them announced from the stage at the 10th annual Genius Awards—just like you.

A 50-piece rock orchestra will be playing. Velocity resident dancer Kate Wallich will perform for you. And past Genius artists Lynn Shelton, Jeffry Mitchell, Susanna Welbourne, Sarah Rudinoff, and Jim Woodring will tear open the envelopes and hand out the awards.

What should you wear? Wear that thing you're dying to put up on your body, whatever it is. I will personally compliment every hot one of you.

Tickets are $12 (regular) or $50 (VIP: free booze, more hours/booty dance, and the money goes back toward funding the awards!). Buy here.