Extremists Trying to Take Over the World


Al Qaeda doesn't usually phone ahead, do they?
I just evacuated from campus at ut Austin. Doubt it is al queda. That seems silly. Hope they catch whoever made the threat soon.
Al Quada would never tell anyone beforehand what they're doing. And if they were ever going to target a university, it would be Harvard.

My fearless prediction: they'll find nothing.
How do they call ahead? "Hi, this is Al Quada and this is just a heads up that the 10am bombing you ordered is going to be on time today. Have a great day and naturally, Death to America!" BTW, "Death to America" is a registered trade mark of Al Quada.
Good Morning Charles,
Agree with you & @2 & 3. Just plain strange and unfortunate. It unnessarily rankles our anxieties. Certainly, it is imperative to investigate but damn, what a pain in the ass. Sigh.

Mid-terms week already?
I think its prudent to let the facts come in before casting judgement and dispersion.
No way, Al Qaeda would target liberal, godless places like Berkeley or UCLA before Harvard.
@1/3/4 - Bomb "threats" have never been in the al Qaeda playbook. Hoping there's no bombs at all, but if there are, I promise you they're home-grown whackos who figured that killing some US civilians is necessary for The Greater Good of drumming up anti-Muslim sentiment.
@4 the IRA almost always called ahead, I think they had a/some codeword/s so the British authorities would know it was genuine.
Just to be safe, let's all live in Fear, like sheep.
@11. Agreed. Be very scared.

@3 and @4, It might not have been intentional, but perhaps "al Quada" is fitting for the university environment. Next they'll be streaking on the Quada a la Will Ferrell.

@6 I was thinking the same thing, but it's a little too early for exams.
@7 Aspersion, not dispersion. No more cocktails for breakfast, sweetie.
@12: Fear is exactly what they want. So gracious of you to accommodate.

Fear is exactly what they want.
"They" = "republicans"

@16: No, They = Islamic Jihadist extremists and their acts of violence and terrorism.

Nice try.
Hard to tell the difference.
@18: Reaaally,,,,
@17: They = Christian extremists and their acts of violence and terrorism.

There, fixed that for you.
So, which would prefer to set up a theocracy?
The Republicans?
Al Queda?

Both? Well, I guess that shows why they're similar.
How about an easy one?
Women's access to cheap contraceptives.
Yeah, you know how that one is going to go.

Guess you're just going to have to keep defending racists and bigots.
@4 - The Mutaween in Iran are gonna be realllllly ticked off if they think al Qaeda has trampled over their copyright.
So I suppose that as long as there are are Christian extremists in North America, then Islamic extremists can act not only with impunity as they wreck havoc and bloodshed, but they do so with the blessing of the Obama administration and the liberal elitists.

Yea because Christians totally flip the shit out, riot, and kill ambassadors every time someone talks shit on Jesus.
@24: We're saying "Christian and Islamic religious extremists are just as bad". You're saying "liberals think Islamic extremists are fine and dandy". Your post was out of left field.
And also, it's "wreak havoc" not "wreck havoc".
@26: I was sarcastic in 24, but it whenever Islamic religious extremists occur you can count on finger pointing to the most recent kooks in the American religious right. Both universities in Texas in North Dakota are now open and we don't know who made those bomb threads. It's time the President and Secretary of State to face reality.

P.S. Thanks for the copy edit.


Don't even bother to try to explain 26 has his lips wrapped around muhammeds cock like the 12 year old girl the prophet molested.
@28: Hm. Your real name wouldn't be "Sam Bacile", would it?
"I was sarcastic in 24, but it whenever Islamic religious extremists occur you can count on finger pointing to the most recent kooks in the American religious right."

It seems that you are reiterating what you posted in @24.
Do you know what "sarcastic" means?

Are you trying to imply that it really was Al Queda that called in those two bomb threats?
You're an idiot.
But then, you only come here to be called an idiot so at least you're happy now.
@28: Mad is the path to the autismal side. Mad leads to bitching, bitching leads to raeg, raeg leads to butthurt. I sense much mad in you.