SLOG EXCLUSIVE: Ballard Public Library Computers Incapacitated Due to Tiny, Furry Security Breach


Are mice foreseeable when you build a garden on the roof? Will insurance cover the damage?
So what is making the Slog so slow, unstable, and full of 504 errors these days?
Sad/funny. Once in highschool, we lost all power and got to go home when a squirrel made it's way to the breaker and electrocuted itself whilst causing a school-wide blackout. Martyr squirrel, I'm sure.
sadly, @1 has a point. Also, the tasty tasty wire coating they used and the heat efficiency of the building made this more than usually attractive.

This is why we breed cats and small pocket dogs ... Maybe equip some with IR head cameras and some lasers?
From the headline and my experience at that library, I was expecting the culprit to be a homeless dwarf.
Joel Zimmerman unavailable for comment.
Clearly a well-orchestrated cover-up. They really went in to expunge the late fees due on a certain collection of Beverly Cleary books. Anonymouse strikes again!
Don't panic! They probably believed Deep Thought lived in Ballard. P.S. The answer is 42.
Please do NOT let the actions of a few extremist mice sour you on ALL mice. Most mice are hard-working, responsible citizens who only long to be left to nibble cheese in peace. Please don't sic the cats on us.

- Mouse Anti-Defamation League press release
There is a construction site next door, and with that there are normally thousands of vermin unleashed on the surrounding buildings. Kind of a huge duh. Most construction sites trap the shit out of them, but it's a fancy-schmancy eco-friendly mixed use building, so they probably didn't.
This was funny and well written.