Because the Last People Who Should Have a Say in Education Reforms Are the Teachers...


Hey, WTF do teachers know about schools and why they are messed up? I mean after all, these are the same teachers who were on watch while the schools got messed up. Clearly we just need some high paid executive talent to run things.
In modern America teacher's shouldn't have any say in education. I mean we should listen to corporate executives or politicians because THEY know what education needs.

Again, in my fantasy land the only thing politicians would do for education is make sure schools are fully funded and teacher's well paid. Leave the education up to ...THE FUCKING TEACHERS!!!! Crazy I know!! But do you really want Bill Gates, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama telling teachers what they need to do?
For those too young to know, or who have recently skedaddled to Seattle, the following is for you:………
Yep, it's that darn teachers' union that made a mess of the economy, too.
We keep voting in pro union politicians and voting against charter schools, but the rich people who dont want to pay taxes and are regularly getting their taxes slashed by legislature, leading to relatively less money for schools... those bastards keep paying to put charter amendments on the ballot to move forward their union busting agenda. They might even prevail this fourth time. Shit, rich bastards like Bill Gates and the Koch brothers think they can buy whatever they want... and sometimes they are right.
@5, believe it or not, there are teachers who support charter schools. There are poor and middle class parents who support and benefit from charter schools.

As far as "relatively less money for schools," the fact we're spending three times as much in per-pupil, inflation-adjusted dollars now as we were 40 years ago.…