In fact, some of them are working to achieve marriage equality. Slog Tipper Emma sends along this note:

The ministers of our church, UUC [University Unitarian Church], will be talking about Marriage Equality this Sunday. After the worship, people from the congregation will be invited to stand outside on 65th, underneath our 17-foot banner, to make a statement. This will happen at 12:45 pm.

You are welcome to join us.

Thanks, Emma!

On a personal note: This is a church I have attended, and it is a great thing. The Unitarians are here for you, people who like the idea of church but struggle with misogynist, heterosexist, or just it-doesn't-feel-quite-right dogma. The hymnals have a lot of songs you may know if you grew up attending church, but they don't use gendered pronouns for God or language that implies people are innately evil or bad. They teach a comprehensive and extraordinarily thoughtful sex-ed curriculum to teens, they have a strong focus on social justice, and they offer (or have in the past) "Build Your Own Theology" classes. It's a pretty interesting church and a pretty interesting religion.