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Charles Mudede: My favorite moment of the night was meeting Catherine Harris-White's adorable parents. Catherine Harris-White is one half of THEESatisfaction. Stasia Irons is the other half.

Dave Segal: Future Stranger music genius candidate (prediction!) Erik Blood hipping me to to some very obscure Brazilian music, with help from his smartphone... Having someone I've never seen before call me by my DJ name (Veins) to say that we'll be spinning together next week at a Decibel Festival function.

David Schmader: The VIP party featured people carrying trays of one of the single most delicious things Seattle has to offer: the spring rolls found at Long Provincial and sister restaurant Tamarind Tree, involving lettuce, rice paper, and some crazy crunch stick of deliciousness, dipped in tangy sauce.

Bethany Jean Clement: Cienna Madrid's monologue about how the cocktail called the Betty White, made with BroVo Geranium liqueur, DID taste like an old lady, but in a REALLY GOOD WAY (!?!?!).

Christopher Frizzelle: I can't stop thinking about the flowers in Joey Veltcamp's beard.

Jen Graves: The moment the night cracked open was when the woman trying to block people from storming the stage to dance with Seattle Rock Orchestra just finally gave up. I felt slightly bad for being part of the overrunning of this poor woman, but the night was cracking open!

Emily Nokes: The realization that you can just dump champagne into any mixed drink and it tastes GREAT (and then you don't have to double-fist) · Me, Kelly O, and Amanda Manitach deciding we MUST have a sleepover where we bleach each others' hair · Talking to Goldy about Butte, MT for an hour (I grew up there, he loves it and decided to retire there) · Dancing to "Thriller" on the stage, while the security guard muttered "I'm going to get fired" · Being really, really proud of Seattle

Eli Sanders: Retro Verso's dance performance must be watched. It was the movingest moment of the night. (Runner up: the moment when the Seattle Rock Orchestra jumped into "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough," which started people in the audience moving their own bodies.) But the tastiest moment was when Paul Constant showed me his genius way of eating a Genius cupcake. He pulled the top, and its mound of icing, right off. Then he flipped all of that over, and set it right back down on the cupcake, creating what was essentially an icing sandwich. Then he ate this remodeled cupcake, without one messy icing trace left on his lips and certainly no need for a napkin. Genius.

More photos/moments coming! YAY and congratulations to all the nominees and and every single person there—you are all GENIUS.