UW Scientists Drop an Interesting Paper About Early Microbes and the Rise of Oxygen on Our Planet


I think the earth had to do a lot of rusting first.
Thanks Slog! you just did my homework for me.
There was a WHOLE LOT of oxygen being produced well prior to the GOE. However, when oxygen-producing organisms died and decomposed, the oxygen they'd produced was consumed. In order for oxygen to build up in the atmosphere due to photosynthesis, reduced organic material had to be buried and sequestered without decomposing (oxidizing) first.
Trust me, I have a background in this shit.
@1: Banded iron formations (results of that rusting) are pretty much the hallmark of the GOE.
Scientists are now "dropping" papers? Oh, my stars and garters, what is happening to our language?
I know what the iron said: "Free at last!"
I like the Great Oxygen Catastrophe myself.
For laypersons with a serious interest in this topic, I super-highly recommend David Attenborough's 2010 First Life TV documentary series.

Wikipedia: First Life (TV series)

Its currently only available on a Region 2 DVD (I got mine from Amazon UK - Scarecrow Video is not onto this one).