A couple months ago, I wrote a preview of Jennifer Jasper's new solo storytelling show at Theater Off Jackson.

Jennifer Jasper first made herself known on the Seattle theater scene in the early '90s, when she and her cohorts in Kings' Elephant Theater dazzled audiences with their long-form improv pieces, which eschewed punch lines and sketches for extended, multilayered riffs on a theme (adultery, film noir); the end result felt like a play constructed by performance artists. In the later '90s, Jasper branched out with Pulp Vixens, a comedy duo known for campy adaptations of vintage lesbian pulp fiction, and carried on with one of her key Kings' Elephant creations: Maggie, the Scotch-swilling "horny housewife" character Jasper still revs up for hosting/MCing gigs. But two years ago, Jasper tried something she'd never done before: appearing onstage as herself to tell stories about her own life....

Thus was born I Can Hear You...But I'm Not Listening. So great was the response to this first run of shows that Jasper's back this weekend with a remount. Full info and tickets here.