• Photo by Frank Correa

Marti Jonjak's Worn Out column this week is about the designs of Seattle's Elfy Essex (and Alejandro Jodorowsky's insane 1973 movie The Holy Mountain).

But it's also about the intensely freak-Fauvistic fashion photography of Frank Correa, worth highlighting on its own. Jonjak says Correa makes "legitimately the best fashion photography I've seen since I started writing this column." (He's featured in this book, too.) From Worn Out:

"I have a basic point-and-shoot camera, I take one shot, and that's it. I work with whatever I get," he says, and after Frank has scanned the developed images, he photoshops the fuck out of them, adding jungle details or neon effects to make his fantastical retro-futuristic cartoon-apocalypse alien-scapes.

When you see his pictures, you want to see more of them, to figure out where is that place, which street is that, where is that garage door in this city, and what would that location look like if it were neon pink when you walked by it next? He also makes studio shots: contortionist, rough, sexualized. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE.

  • Photo by Frank Correa