Shabu Chic awaits, Adam!
  • Shabu Chic awaits, Adam!

Sometimes people email me for restaurant recommendations, which Adam didn't, exactly, but maybe we can all help answer him. Here we go!

You regularly hype what great food we have, but there are some glaring culinary gaps in Seattle.

Like yesterday, I was craving shabu-shabu. We have plenty of Mongolian grills—this is just the soup version, and I couldn't find one.

Or more glaringly, I challenge you to find a good Chicago-style pizza in Seattle. I've been looking for years. It doesn't exist. How can a major metropolitan city in the U.S. not have Chicago-style pizza?

I hope that you, with reader input, could do an article on what Seattle is missing in hopes that some entrepreneurs will step up to the challenge, and not just give us a few great niche foods, but also a great variety.


Dear Adam,

I appreciate your general spirit of ire, but Seattle has both of these things.

For shabu-shabu, there's a (relatively) new place in the ID called Shabu Chic—I haven't been there, but maybe some Slog readers have... Also, a reader-reviewer from a couple years back says Shiki in lower Queen Anne will make it for you if you call in advance, so that's worth a try (and I have had their sushi, some years back, and it was good). I also have a vague notion that the streets of Lynnwood are practically paved with shabu-shabu, but you said Seattle...

And for Chicago-style pizza, there's Kylie's Chicago Pizza in Fremont, which I've never been to but some people say is the real deal. And there's also Delfino's in University Village, which I'd never heard of until Google informed me of its existence just this minute but has apparently been making Chicago-style pizza in a vintage pizza oven imported from Chicago since 1993. Anyone been to either of these? Help an Adam out!

Let us know if you go!