• Courtesy Brian Paul Bach

An Ellensburg artist named Brian Paul Bach created this 10-by-10 pen-and-wash drawing of imaginary logos last year. He called it 100 CORPORATE LOGOS FOR BIG CORPORATIONS THAT DO NOT ACT LIKE BIG CORPORATIONS AND PAY THEIR TAXES. (It was first seen in the 2011 10x10x10 Mighty Tieton show.)

About the piece, Bach writes:

I believe that good logos can still make sense and project integrity without becoming lies, like so many of today’s corporate entities have become. 100 LOGOS is thus a satire, but it is also a wistful notion, a wish for sweeter, more innocuous forces to prevail in the face of insipidness.

What do you think, Slog?

Have you lost faith in logos? Or do you still have room in your heart for sweet wishes?*

*Also, do you see breasts where I see breasts? Apologies to the artist.