"Stop fighting - here comes Dan Savage!"


So many options... for comments... Brain... Seizing... (droooool)
Ooooh. Dan is so masculine and mounting. Hogtie his ass, Dan, and put him behind bars. Take all his clothes so he has no chance to escape. Now, it's time for some slapping around. Soon he'll be singing like a songbird.
But in the case of the RCMP, "mounted" means "mounted on top of" i.e., the horse. So you're good.
More fashion advice from the commentariat: A nicely fitted jacket shows off your muscular physique and highlights your chiseled jaw.
The resemblance is really uncanny. Or would be, if 1940s RCMP Dan were in a wrinkly t-shirt.
So, Dan Savage is versatile. The mystery has been solved!

If you squint your eyes, the guy with the knife kinda looks like Terry.
"And that is how Canadian gays and lesbians won marriage equality rights. The end!"
Fighting fighting with fighting is so 1940's. Today he'd just shoot the prick.
And, hey, you DID get married in Canada.
@7 - Yeah... I wonder if Dan will get in trouble at home for that revealing post. I have noticed more subtle references to preferences and experiences from Dan recently.
No man is telling me what to do? All Dan Savage does is tell people what to do!
Dan, please... a photo of you in Mountie gear... huh? huh? c'mon!

...and if you're wrestling Terry, that's OK too.
you know what they say about a man with a big gun...
I LOVE a man in uniform!!

A TERRIFIC right, and the fight was over. Oo-er!
A left, a terrific right WHAT? Oh god, don't tell me.

I will give you ten dollars if you'll wear that hat all day every day for a month.
@9: Actually no, he'd probably use a Taser. Unless of course it were a APEC meeting, in which case he'd pepper spray both of them.

On the other hand if one of the combatants were Jean Cretien then he'd be free to choke the other guy.
I laughed at "Let him come!" And since my brain switched to dirty mode at that point (or maybe it was already there), I also giggled at the reference to fists and the panel that says "You're asking for it! I'll let you have it!" Meeyow.
I'm Canadian and I've never heard them just called the "Mounted". Mounted Police or Mounties....
so where are the other pages? Are we in for daily cliff hangers?
Eeeew! Mounted Dan Savage has the same weirdly long fingers as Bill Clinton. Always freaked me out.