Filling this weekend then hopping over the next weekend is SketchFest Seattle, a curated extravaganza of—surprise!—great sketch comedy from around the globe.

Tonight things kick off with SketchFest Locals Showcase at Annex Theater, featuring live performances by The Entertainment Show, Andy & Barbara, Generation Friends, Pork-Filled Players, Dog Watson’s Suppository, Drop the Root Beer and Run, Worst Case Scenario, Sweet Pea, Charles, Le Frenchword, Fresh Grounds, and Ubiquitous They.

The live sketch comedy cavalcade continues next weekend at Theater Off Jackson, which hosts three days of performances by the likes of Peter Greyy, Drop the Root Beer and Run, Super Kudzu, Jen Seaman, Joe Wengert, and the Stranger Genius Award-sanctioned and beloved Cody Rivers Show.

But tomorrow night brings a first for SketchFest: an entire night of comedy on film, shown in a real live movie theater (that also serves food and booze). SketchFest's Comedy Film Festival at Central Cinema will feature a dozen or so short films, along with a live performance by local sketch group Charles.

Full fest info here, short blast of comedy from the Don't We Boys below.