Slog tipper Amy writes, "Remember when Romney's campaign said they were going specific? I guess they meant very specific, like Lyme Disease specific."

Last week, a lot of political observers were scratching their heads after reports that the Romney campaign is sending direct mail to Virginia voters on, of all things, Lyme Disease. It looked like evidence of campaign micro-targeting reaching new levels of sophistication.

At first blush, the mailing doesn't even make any sense. Romney/Ryan promises to combat Lyme Disease though "improved synergy"? What does that even mean? And what happens to those who contract the illness, but lack basic coverage after Romney/Ryan destroys the Affordable Care Act?

Laura Helmuth at Slate thinks that this is a Romney campaign attempt to cash in on Lyme Disease conspiracy theories, which are popular in northern Virginia. I eagerly await my micro-targeted Romney mailer. It will probably tie childhood vaccinations in to Joe Biden's hair plugs.