Muslims Destroy Buddhist Shrines


In neighboring Burma (Myanmar) recently, the Muslim minority has suffered at the hands of Buddhists, threatening Burma's democratic renaissance. No one wins, indeed.……
Someone posts a photo of a scorched holy book, and the fanatics go on a rampage. The religion of peace strikes again!
Like the Christian girl in Pakistan who was nearly lynched for supposedly damaging a Quran, before it turned out that she'd been framed by a local cleric who wanted to drive out Christians....
Xenophobic violence is reportedly on the rise in Greece also.

Dangerous times.
Someone remind me again about who thinks the world needs blasphemy laws?
Religion, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for coming out, it'll be here all century.
"The religion of peace strikes again! "

You really should think a bit more before you post.…

Like Dan Savage pointed out in the past, people have an amazing tendency to ignore the "bullshit" that they do not approve of in their own holy books.

You should talk to the Jews about their oppression at the hands of the Christians. How many millions of Jews were killed?
Religion is a mental illness.
More muslims need to stop taking their religion seriously. The way Europeans practice Catholicism.
"the timing of violent protests in North Africa and the Middle East in 2011 as well as earlier riots in 2008 coincides with large peaks in global food prices. We identify a specific food price threshold above which protests become likely. These observations suggest that protests may reflect not only long-standing political failings of governments, but also the sudden desperate straits of vulnerable populations. If food prices remain high, there is likely to be persistent and increasing global social disruption." (written in 2011)…
Bloody minded filthy savages.
Just came home from a protest (of largely muslim/atheist background) against this incident.

I won't defend the fanatics against whom I protested, but there is some pretty transparent political play behind this.

And for the first time it was possible to instugate anything against the Budhists because a large number of local population in that area are now Rohingya refugees, who are pretty mad at Budhists across the border. Bangladesh has been criticised for not willing to accept Burmese refugess anymore (precisely from the fear of this kind of incident) even though they are running from a GENOCIDE that USA doesn't waste it's time on, prolly not until it becomes somehow useful.

What is scary, though, is the mass people's tendency to ask 'Oh, you protest against this? Did you protest against Burmese Muslim killings?' i.e. the complete disregard about upholding secularity or any respect for the feelings of other communities.

Now about the Muslim bashers, Quran is actually pretty explicit about not attacking first and there are plenty of detailed instruction of how to deal with attackers from outside. These people ignore Quran. There is more than one incident from the Prophet's life that are cited to encourage tolerance and co-habitation with (what was then the larger majority) others. If anything, Muslims should start taking Islam seriously.

What drives the young Muslims (in my observation) is the perception that Islam as a religion is continually slighted and Muslims constanstly under physical attack 'all over the world', which increases group solidarity and tittilates, basically. NOT defending fanatics, but trying to explain a complicated relatity that seems to escape Americans.

Your right that Americans are missing some of the picture. Have a look at this, it fills in some of the gaps.…

Your right that Americans are missing some of the picture. Have a look at this, it fills in some of the gaps.…

@13 My bandwidth is precious. Why don't you give me a summery? What's it about?
If it's a group of violent muslims doing some savagery, save your breath, because I'll come back with a link of Burmese Rohingyas (muslim) being butchered by Rakhayns (buddhist) and a few other examples showing that people from all religions have seemed savage at some point in the recent history, where their scriptures were manipulated as mobilizing tools. Then I'd post a few articles explaining why muslims are particularly violent at this particular point in time... And a couple of articles quoting Quran to show how indiscriminate violence and chaos has been condemned and how they are misinterpreted...and what's worse, I'd expect you to read them so your next criticism is an educated one!
This is assuming your video is what I guess it is to be. Otherwise, please summerize.
@ 15
people aren't buying those lines anymore. Slowly but surely even my way, way, way left friends are beginning to see. And the video isn't what you suggest.…
1) that wasn't a logical comeback
2) not watching that video, it's downright painful to sit while it loads, esp since it'd mean one less upworthy video this month. you'll have to speak.