SL Letter of the Day: Frustrated GILF


Looks like someone got an extension on his deadline.
Oh man! You didn't get your homework done, and now you are on restriction until you get it finished. Meanwhile all your friends are outside your window hoping you get a chance to sneak out and play. Better get to it, or else your "hiatus" will slip clear into December.

It is fun to see past stories, but they just don't have the same play potential as new letters.
Seriously, how do they expect you to enjoy the election unless you get at least 60 days?!
Not to mention, being the older, more experienced partner, you can teach him how to be a decent lover so that if/when he goes on to other relationships, you'll have done a favor for his future partners as well. That way you can be both (deservedly) selfishly demanding and selfless to the rest of the women out there he may come into contact with. I believe the children are our future...
Either he's young, naive and prudish, or just prudish. At 25, if he won't even go down on her, she should DTMFA and find a man who will. Standard equipment and all. THEN start working on the rest.
I predict (hope?) they've both moved on to something more satisfying.
i wonder whatever happened to the 39 year old minnesota grandma and her squeamish boy toy back in the bush era? something tells me it may not have worked out.
Jesus, I'm turning 37 in a couple of weeks, and my kids are only 5 and 2. 39 and a *grandmother?* Where the hell did she find the time for threesomes?
Why date someone who is both half your age and bad in bed? I dant get it. Is he just there to make her feel young and make the ex jealous?
@8: Because she apparently hasn't learned from her marriage and she's still a "fixer"?
Levels? What is this, Muriel's Wedding? where, in case anyone needs reminding, Tanya explained oh-so-kindly to Muriel that Muriel needed to find friends on her own level while describing her cheating husband Chook as "up on my level". The tail end of the advice will do perfectly well without being needlessly antagonistic about levels.

And can we please do away with the whole -ilf designation, which is far more sexist than sex-positive (and even heterosexist as well)?
Also, while there is value to many new readers of the column in the selection of reruns being so 101/102-oriented, it might be particularly entertaining if members of the commentariat were to present past favourites of their own for another go, perhaps 1-3 days/week for a Commenter's Choice rerun. It would be interesting to see what people would choose.
Life's too short to date anyone that won't go down on you. Seriously.