An attempt to trick gay rights supporters into voting against their own interests?
  • Toby Crittenden
  • An attempt to trick gay rights supporters into voting against their own interests?
Responding to the statements from Marcus Charles, owner of The Crocodile, on Slog yesterday morning, Equal Rights Washington spokesman Josh Friedes writes:

Many a good idea has been destroyed by poor implementation, and sadly that may be the case with Marcus Charles of the "Progressive Conservative Coalition PAC." Sure, the political debate in America is too partisan and everybody shouts over each other instead of thoughtfully listening. But the solution is not to support a candidate like Rob McKenna—who opposes civil rights for LGBT Washingtonians and historic healthcare reform—even if you are also urging voters to Approve R-74 and vote for Obama.

Rob McKenna is an extremist who tries to position himself as a centrist because extremists can’t win statewide elections in Washington. If Marcus Charles wants to put forward a slate of candidates from both parties, then he should look at Republicans like Lieutenant Governor candidate Bill Finkbeiner, Senator Steve Litzow, or Rep. Maureen Walsh, who all support marriage equality.

Much of what Charles says just doesn’t add up. I’ve never met Marcus Charles, but by the looks of his posters it sounds as if his real motivation might be to trick civil rights voters into supporting McKenna. There is no comparison between the two candidates for the office of governor. Jay Inslee is the equality candidate. So voters in Capitol Hill, beware of posters—it just may be that political action committees assume you’ll think that everything pasted onto a lamppost or telephone pole is the progressive truth.