This is how it happened. I'm drinking wine and watching a lecture by the former mayor of Bogata, Enrique Peñalosa. Suddenly someone a street or two away wants someone really, really dead. Blast, blast, blast, blast, blast, blast—and suddenly silence. Five minutes later, the sirens. 20 minutes later...


The scene of the crime this morning: Amazingly no shattered windows anywhere, no shells on the street, no blood. It's like nothing happened.


The very moment the image was taken, a young man lit a spliff, raised it into the air, and offered the people waiting for the bus a buck for a puff. It's 9 am. One man sitting in the bus shelter did see it as an offer he couldn't pass and bought a puff. He paid, he took one drag, he held the smoke in his lungs for just long enough, he exhaled, he was the last person to board the bus. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well on Rainier.