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Are we sure it didn't have bristles and feathers?

And how certain are we about the coloration?
@1 Until we find a mummy, we can't see scale changes. They seem to be related to color.
But one thing is sure, life was very tough for this creature.
Thanks. That looks so good, I have to print it out and read it in when I'm in a more comfortable position.
Sorry for not getting around to it sooner sounds very Sereno. It seems he's always jumping from task to task, and he's incredibly busy. When I took a course from him last year, the first lecture didn't happen because he was consulting with an ambassador about some overseas digs and hadn't been told that classes started that week. But props to Sereno on his identification of this odd animal. Such bristles have been seen on psittacosaurs (smaller relatives of ceratopsians), but I'm not sure about heterodontosaurs.