A New Direction for Journalism


It stopped being funny a long time ago.
Hire a professional if you want to attempt comedy.
This is just tragic.
Hey you guys, I am Rob McKenna and I am the person who is writing this post.
Rob, your attempts at stacking the media in your favor are gross.

I'm glad you're down in the polls.
Did Rob McKenna hack SLOG or what???
You have no sense of humor. Even though I started ignoring you're political diatribes long ago, now I'm just going to ignore your piss poor one-liners. If you want comedy go outside and hold your Obama sign for a few hours.
RCW 5.68.010
Protection from compelled disclosure — exceptions — definition.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no judicial, legislative, administrative, or other body with the power to issue a subpoena or other compulsory process may compel the news media to testify, produce, or otherwise disclose:

(a) The identity of a source of any news or information or any information that would tend to identify the source where such source has a reasonable expectation of confidentiality; or

(b) Any news or information obtained or prepared by the news media in its capacity in gathering, receiving, or processing news or information for potential communication to the public, including, but not limited to, any notes, outtakes, photographs, video or sound tapes, film, or other data of whatever sort in any medium now known or hereafter devised. This does not include physical evidence of a crime.

(2) A court may compel disclosure of the news or information described in subsection (1)(b) of this section if the court finds that the party seeking such news or information established by clear and convincing evidence:

(a)(i) In a criminal investigation or prosecution, based on information other than that information being sought, that there are reasonable grounds to believe that a crime has occurred; or

(ii) In a civil action or proceeding, based on information other than that information being sought, that there is a prima facie cause of action; and

(b) In all matters, whether criminal or civil, that:

(i) The news or information is highly material and relevant;

(ii) The news or information is critical or necessary to the maintenance of a party's claim, defense, or proof of an issue material thereto;

(iii) The party seeking such news or information has exhausted all reasonable and available means to obtain it from alternative sources; and

(iv) There is a compelling public interest in the disclosure. A court may consider whether or not the news or information was obtained from a confidential source in evaluating the public interest in disclosure.

(3) The protection from compelled disclosure contained in subsection (1) of this section also applies to any subpoena issued to, or other compulsory process against, a nonnews media party where such subpoena or process seeks records, information, or other communications relating to business transactions between such nonnews media party and the news media for the purpose of discovering the identity of a source or obtaining news or information described in subsection (1) of this section. Whenever a subpoena is issued to, or other compulsory process is initiated against, a nonnews media party where such subpoena or process seeks information or communications on business transactions with the news media, the affected news media shall be given reasonable and timely notice of the subpoena or compulsory process before it is executed or initiated, as the case may be, and an opportunity to be heard. In the event that the subpoena to, or other compulsory process against, the nonnews media party is in connection with a criminal investigation in which the news media is the express target, and advance notice as provided in this section would pose a clear and substantial threat to the integrity of the investigation, the governmental authority shall so certify to such a threat in court and notification of the subpoena or compulsory process shall be given to the affected news media as soon thereafter as it is determined that such notification will no longer pose a clear and substantial threat to the integrity of the investigation.

(4) Publication or dissemination by the news media of news or information described in subsection (1) of this section, or a portion thereof, shall not constitute a waiver of the protection from compelled disclosure that is contained in subsection (1) of this section. In the event that the fact of publication of news or information must be proved in any proceeding, that fact and the contents of the publication may be established by judicial notice.

(5) The term "news media" means:

(a) Any newspaper, magazine or other periodical, book publisher, news agency, wire service, radio or television station or network, cable or satellite station or network, or audio or audiovisual production company, or any entity that is in the regular business of news gathering and disseminating news or information to the public by any means, including, but not limited to, print, broadcast, photographic, mechanical, internet, or electronic distribution;

(b) Any person who is or has been an employee, agent, or independent contractor of any entity listed in (a) of this subsection, who is or has been engaged in bona fide news gathering for such entity, and who obtained or prepared the news or information that is sought while serving in that capacity; or

(c) Any parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the entities listed in (a) or (b) of this subsection to the extent that the subpoena or other compulsory process seeks news or information described in subsection (1) of this section.

(6) In all matters adjudicated pursuant to this section, a court of competent jurisdiction may exercise its inherent powers to conduct all appropriate proceedings required in order to make necessary findings of fact and enter conclusions of law.

[2007 c 196 § 1.]
God, if you make it stop I promise to start believing in you again.
"lanky" and "bespectacled"

As The Real Rob McKenna, I can state unequivocally that everyone knows I prefer "ginger" and "smarmy".
Uh did I miss something...why would you believe anything said "in front of other journalists at a public radio station" is in confidence? Isn't that situation --what's the word-- ah yes, the OPPOSITE of what a normal person would assume?
I am Rob Mckenna.
Alright, we get it, A. Birch Steen.
For fuck's sake. Enough already!

I genuinely value what the Stranger provides in regards to political news and discussion (especially this time of year), but today it's all noise for the sake of a one-liner.
Because without adhering to a traditional religion, many of us, though we don't like to admit it, live vapid lives. Slog is religion to us. Isn't there a bandname called Blind Faith? Just as the Stranger makes fun of Southern Baptist mega churches and their fawning congregations, we too at Slog fawn of over the Gospel preached by Pastor's Savage and Constant.
@15 um...how does this address my comment about presupposing source confidentiality when disclosing information in front of multiple reporters in a broadcasting venue?

If they had done Romney, maybe it could have been cathartic given last night's debacle, but this is boring as fuck.
God damnit. You had me until "enemies list" (though to be fair I have not read all posts in order.)

Good job, guys. You got me.

Fucking assholes.

sorry, i was assuming the bit part about Eli was comic absurdity. If true, you've asked a good question. Maybe one of the Stranger staffers can supply an answer under a pseudonym.
Dang, I didn't make the top 10, the official list only had me at 419. Seriously, wtf?
Fucking love this quote from Dom in the Times:

Asked whether The Stranger has any journalistic qualms about hoaxing its readers, Holden replied in an email: “The Stranger has no ethical issues with satire. And unlike the Seattle Times, all of our satire is intentional.”
Anybody know how publicly making fun of a guy's speech impediment fits in with Dan's big anti-bullying campaign? Or is that just for gay people?
#22 - right on. All you guys that are getting tired of this, I was getting there too. Until I saw Seattle Times endorsement of McKenna and realized how fucking right The Stranger was. http://seattletimes.com/html/editorials/…

These newspapers in our very own state that are endorsing Republicans of all stripes and colors are being so LOL satirical and don't even know it. From Rob McKenna, the lying, shape-changing, will say anthing to get him elected Republican. To John Koster, the batshit crazy loves Rush Limbaugh Republican. To Kim Wyman, the lying, vote-suppressing, Koch Brothers backed Republican. To Reagan Dunn, AR-15 rifle toting, lazy, entitled, trust fund baby Republican. The diversity of these remarkable Republicans astounds me. And they all got the endorsements of all the major newspapers, despite being so different and unique in their corruption, lying, and cheating. I am so curious to know how much newspaper endorsements go for these days. $10,000? $100,000? Is there a rate card? Thank GOD we have Citizens United, so that generous billionaires can buy our elections AND give us lame TV ads to watch too. How lucky we little people are.