Madeleine McKenna didn't write this.

Hi, my name is Madeleine, I'm a proud Democrat and also the proud daughter of my dad, Rob McKenna. I'm also working on his campaign as his Coalitions Coordinator.

And I wanted to say a word about brooms. Some of you "people" in the comments are trying to call my dad out as sexist for saying that he wants to "be the Governor who hands you the broom to break through that glass ceiling." I want to address those comments because my dad's too busy hosting a breakfast for assault victims at the moment with my mom.

First off, I helped him write that blog post. So are you trying to tell me, a woman, that I'm sexist? Because,hello, how is that even possible?

Second, it was supposed to be a joke. I thought Stranger readers were supposed to have a sense of humor but instead you've twisted this into Chicks for Rob all over again. Obviously women don't use brooms at work, unless they're janitors or something. Still, there are *real* sexist people out there who associate brooms with women because they don't know any better. But I thought that you guys were supposed to know better. I thought you were supposed to be "progressive." Well, Republicans can have senses of humor, too. We—they—can get jokes. And they can even make them!

Third: So my dad used the word "broom" which I guess is a four-letter word around here. So what? Feminists are supposed to be strong enough to reclaim the tools that once oppressed them. That's why in the 60's we had women throwing down their brooms and burning all their bras. But, NEWSFLASH: Fifty years later, women still use brooms and they still wear bras. They're just feminist about it.

In conclusion, if my dad ever offers you a broom, ladies, you should feel flattered. Not offended.