Support the Arts: Buy a Halloween Costume!


All I know is that I will be buying at least one Monster High costume.
I'm going to dress up as Elmo.
Hm. I was going to just skip dressing up this year, but this might be too good to pass up.
I'm with @2. Sesame Street solidarity.
Mr. McKenna, (sorry I’m not sure of what title an AG should be called)

I hope you read and respond to comments, as you are aware this may be your only chance to speak directly to this audience.

So somewhat off the subject I would like your thoughts on the following, and I know that many are not Washington State issues, but I would be interested in your thoughts anyway.

1: The American Society of Civil Engineers has ranked the U.S. infrastructure at a d minus, what would you do to improve the infrastructure of Washington State? Would you raise taxes to pay for infrastructure? Would you ask for federal funds to pay for infrastructure?

2: Do you think that unions have a place within the U.S. labor market, if not why not?

3: Senator John McCain of Arizona has repeatedly introduced legislation to repeal the Jones Act. Do you agree? Would you be in favor of expanding the Jones Act?

4: Recently a person with Alzheimer's disease confronted Seattle Police while armed with a handgun, would you favor laws in Washington State that required gun owners to be approved by an MD?

5: Do you support the right of a woman to choose to terminate a pregnancy? Or do you favor the Government making this choice for her?

6: Do you support marriage equality for all adult citizens of Washington State? If not why not?

7: Should DOMA be repealed?

8 Jim Beam neat, some yuppie cocktail or a teetotaler?

9: Should any person in Washington State who cannot afford healthcare be left on the street to die?

10: Would you favor merging the ports of Seattle and Tacoma?
Anybody know if this is going to be a cash only sale?
Isn't it that time of year when someone posts a misguided feminist rant against sexy Halloween costumes?
Dear Mr. McKenna,

You may be a right-wing douche, but I see that you at least don't have a stick up your ass regarding how to spell the word "theatre".

And for that, sir, you are to be commended...