Charles McCray III didn't write this.

I'd like to echo Rob's thanks to The Stranger for giving us this opportunity. As I've mentioned before, sometimes it's hard to get the news media interested in actual news.

While I admit I never imagined my media criticism would result in an invitation to us to blog here, the McKenna campaign is pleased to be able to speak directly—and without interference—to you, The Stranger's readers. Here are the news stories Rob is reading closely today:

T-Mobile deal: This merger isn't just good for Bellevue, where T-Mobile is based. It's good for consumers throughout Washington and an example of what can happen when we free up business leaders to make decisions unencumbered by too much government regulation and red tape.

Marijuana debate: We wish Republican Michael Baumgartner the best of luck in his race against Senator Maria Cantwell, but we strongly disagree with his decision to the back this fall's marijuana legalization initiative. As Rob has pointed out, this is not a state's rights issue. It's a federal issue.

Gun violence: It's too early to know for sure what was behind this morning's fatal shooting in south Seattle, but it's a reminder to us all that we need to do more to combat violence in our communities—particularly gang violence. Rob has been a leader on this issue in Olympia, and as governor will push to see that his gang violence prevention bill is finally passed by the state legislature.

The public sector and business, working together: Jerry Large has a great column today about how private businesses and state universities can work together to benefit each other—and the economy of Washington State. Must read.

Congratulations to the Seattle Latino community! It's great to see your film festival expanded to a 10-day run. As you know if you watched Tuesday's debate in Yakima, which was organized by the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Rob is the one candidate in this race who probably wouldn't need subtitles to enjoy all the great films this festival is offering.

The Seattle Times editorial board picks John Koster in the 1st CD: We agree. Good editorial, definitely worth a read with your morning coffee.

Denny Park, revitalized: This is wonderful to see, and something Seattle's founders would no doubt be pleased to learn of if they were around today. It's also an example of something Rob talks about: When government (Seattle's city government in this case) helps businesses do what they do best, everyone benefits. Because without government sensitivity to the needs of companies like Amazon and others who are turning that neighborhood around, there would be no "boom in South Lake Union," and without a boom in South Lake Union there would be no "renaissance" for Denny Park.

Go Mariners: No matter what the sports writers say, Rob's still a fan and wishes them even greater progress in the future.

Oh, and I'm told you usually end these with a video. So here's Rob on Hispanic Heritage month and "Latinos con McKenna":