Taken 2: Problems from the Name On Down


I liked Jon Stewart calling it "Tooken" and "The Tookening".

(and there's always "Taken' 2: Electric Tookaloo")
Xenophobic that seems like a stretch, just a movie.
Don't you hate it when Hollywood does a 2 when you didn't like 1?
The director's name is Olivier Megaton? Is he also a supervillain in "The Incredibles 2"?
I was on board with the idea until I saw the trailer: Boris The Blade is taking revenge on this guy personally? Really?
Is it possible for an unarmed man to be in a movie?
I hear they're making another "Die Hard" movie too. I think they should name it "Die Already". *grumble, moan*
What I really don't get about this premise is that somehow the bad guys are justified at retaliating for what Liam Neeson's character did to those kidnappers. He did what he had to do to get his daughter back.
I seem to recall that the foreigners in the first film spoke a lot more in subtitles than the accented English speaking Albanian villagers in the sequel.
I miss Lindy West.
It's the Rocky IV paradox.
I think I will have to see it, the first one is one of the best bad movies I've ever experienced.
First off, Olivier Megaton?! Secondly, there's a lot of legitimate critiques about movies like this....but only in Strangerland could you get a line like: "but American audiences came out in droves to watch Liam Neeson brutally murder the foreigners who dared to take his daughter". - Yeah, the nerve of Liam Neeson as played by Liam Neeson going after those guys. What a jerk!
Isn't Liam Neeson a foreigner? He's not American. I'll wait for the DVD.
"It was xenophobic, amoral, and mean, but American audiences came out in droves"

Because it was xenophobic, amoral and mean, like "real Amerikuh".

@2: "Xenophobic that seems like a stretch, just a movie."

Oh look, it's the idiot demographic for the movie speaking up.
Agree, the first movie was some weird special thing that happens sometimes which makes movies a classic. Forcing a squeal never works. It'd be like office space 2: intertech returns, or a big lebowski: the nihilist revenge
The whole premise is far fetched. What are the odds a guy's wife & daughter get kidnapped twice. Where was Femke Jensen's husband?....why would any man married to this hottie have issues with her? Where were the police when the daughter was lobbing grenades all over the place? Why would Liam allow his daughter to drive a stolen Mercedes taxi when she can't even pass a driver's test? After his daughter hits at least ten cars in the stolen taxi there is not even a scratch on the taxi. Why did Liam leave Femke by herself when he recaptured her? How did Liam get a huge metal suitcase filled with grenades and guns past security into Instanbul? Despite all this i liked the movie except for the syrupy sweet ending where they are all eating sundaes on the Santa Monica pier.