With four weeks to go before Election Day, the National Organization for Marriage is announcing that it tapped a firehose of cash to defeat marriage in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington State. From the NOM blog:

If you donate right now, every contribution you give to NOM will be tripled—that's right, NOM will receive two additional dollars (through a generous matching grant) for every $1 you give today!

This match goes for every donation between now and the November election—up to one million dollars—which means, with your help, we have the chance to raise THREE MILLION DOLLARS to protect marriage before the election!

Who's the donor? They're not saying. Which state would they focus on? Also nothing. And while NOM's post cites a restrained commercial running in Minnesota, where NOM is supporting an amendment to reaffirm marriage as a union between a man and woman, don't expect NOM to fund that sort of commercial here. In Washington State, $1.5 million in ads were reserved recently by Frank Schubert, who ran the Prop 8 campaign in California. So brace yourself: Based on Schubert's track record in California, the NOM money will likely fund more dishonest, divisive ads like this one: