Beautiful Weather Sparks Statewide Burn Ban


This weather really does weird me out.
Grass? You have GRASS? Don't you know that grass lawns are proof that you're an anti-density suburbanite at heart? Why don't you move to Gig Harbor already?
At least it's supposed to rain all weekend starting Friday. I hope the forecasters are right about this. I can't remember ever anticipating rain this much.
Is it still beautiful since a nice chunk of Washington state is up in flames...still?

@4 The smoke makes for especially beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
So much government regulation. I can't wait until we can replace Gregoire with McKenna and then get to burn whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want!

U! S! A!
U! S! A!
The sunrises and sunsets have been wonderful.
But where is Mister G warning us about the Washington secret vegetable police, and the dangers of too much Kool-Aid consumption?
@4 & @7 Respiratory issues in a time/place you wouldn't normally expect, not so wonderful.
What do you think the Seattle Times article would look like if Goldy literally burned Seattle to the ground?
I don't get it, Goldy.

It's been over 3 months since anyone needed to mow a lawn in this city, and we know you've been doing yard work all the while, thanks to your online bragging about your vegetable patch.

What gives? Is the walk from the garden to the grill too long? Have you misplaced your yard waste bin? Do you only do chores when you can blog about them?
@11 The charger to my decade-old battery powered mower shorted out in a basement flood over the winter, and I haven't gotten around to buying a new mower. A neighbor's kid mowed my front a few times, but the back, which is mostly garden and dog running area, was only tended to with some haphazard weed whacking. I suppose with the rains coming, I need to get a new mower, but I can't bring myself to paying the expense of cordless electric, or the dealing with the hassle of a cord. And I'm not keen on going back to gas.

@ 12, cords are no hassle unless you're the one making a hassle out of them. Mind over matter.

Anyway, this is hilarious. YOU are the one who was Mr. Tsk Tsk on the subject of lawns some time in the past. You took your kids to the park, you said, or else let them play in the garden. But now you admit to having enough grass to need a lawnmower. This is like Dan being pro-density while living in a single-family house.
@13, living pro-density is for the poor folk Matt, not for TV celebs.
what the fuck is wrong with seattlites that they can't enjoy some good weather? jesus titty fucking christ, ya idiots...the rain will come. until then, here's a thought....ENJOY THE SUN.