It's bad for kids:

This is the new ad for Preserve Marriage Washington, trying to reject Referendum 74, and it's not particularly effective. At over two minutes in length, its destiny is online only, and it suffers from a couple problems. First, it takes a logical stumble—which bigots opposing gay marriage rarely balk at, but a political ad is supposed to target undecided voters—because it essentially argues that same-sex partners already enjoy all the rights of marriage as domestic partners, which is ostensibly fine for children. But if gays usurp the sacrosanct word "marriage," kids will cease to get their protection under the law. Which is it? Do gay partners already have the same rights or not? If marriage is special because it limits child rearing to a man and woman (making the case that marriage is inherently tied to procreation while gay partnerships have nothing to do with kids) it raises lots of irreconcilable clashes with real-world examples of single parents, unmarried parents, same-sex parents, etc. Which is to say that the ad threatens to make voters think. Bigotry doesn't win when people think.

Second, there are just no people in this ad. Only the restroom people. If Preserve Marriage Washington wins this fight, it will be by scaring the bejeezus out of actual humans. And restroom people just aren't that scary. I predict the "THEY'RE GONNA TEACH MY PRESCHOOL BABY 'BOUT THE GAY SECKS!" commercials will begin airing shortly, featuring actual humans and devoid of any thought.

Via Good as You and Joe. My. God.