Yesterday, I noted that Governor Chris Gregoire has asked King County Superior Court candidate Sue Parisien to stop implying that she's received a gubernatorial endorsement in her race against incumbent Judge Christopher Washington.

In addition to Gregoire, there's another big statewide name that has turned up on Parisien's web site and in her voters' guide statement.


McKenna, it turns out, has a different take on the use of his words—which are from a 2007 letter he wrote recommending Parisien for a judicial appointment she never received—than Gregoire does. (Gregoire's words come from a more generic rec letter she wrote for Parisien in 2005).

"Rob hasn’t endorsed in the race," says McKenna spokeswoman Janelle Guthrie. "But he also hasn’t asked [Parisien] to stop using the line from his letter of recommendation."

Gregoire has said Parisien's use of excerpts from her 2005 rec letter inaccurately implies her endorsement of Parisien's candidacy.

Does McKenna think the use of excerpts from his 2007 rec letter implies an endorsement of Parisien's candidacy?

"He does not," Guthrie says.

And what does Parisien say about all this? From an e-mail she sent me last night:

To clarify, a few weeks back I was contacted by someone from the Governor's office who indicated that they had received calls from some unidentified people (Judge Washington supporters perhaps?) who claimed to be confused by the Governor's quoted statements about me.

As you probably know, I worked in the AG's office under both Gregoire and McKenna. This is the first time anyone expressed confusion over these statements—indeed, they are the exact same ones used by me in two primaries (2008 and 2012) and a general election (2008). I just chalked it up to politics as usual but in an abundance of caution, I took down all the testimonials.

To be clear though, I have never represented to anyone that either McKenna or Gregoire have endorsed me in this race though they both did in 2008.

We'll be having both candidates in this race in for a general election endorsement interview tomorrow. Anything else we should ask them about?