What Is the Worst TV News of the Day?


The Community news is sad, the Louis CK news is not. Community is a lovely but fragile enterprise, not hard to picture dying of neglect. Whereas the Louie show absolutely depends on its helmsman doing it the way he wants when he wants - if he wants a delay it can only mean when the show comes back it's going to be SO MUCH BETTER than if he'd plowed ahead despite misgivings.
I wish they would move community to FX or some other random cable station that would give it freedom to be awesome.
No entry for, "Meh. Both these shows are overrated by the same internet hipster nerds that directly contribute to their poor ratings by not watching them in formats that translate into advertising dollars, which is the entire point of television in the first place?"

But yeah, I suppose if you don't dickride Community and Louis CK, that's the same thing as watching pseudo celebrities embarrass themselves.
I would have voted for "who gives a rat's ass?"
There needs to be a voting option for "American Horror Story season 2 debut in 8 days!!" Really that's all that matters.
@1 - I don't think the solution is to force him to do a season when he's not feeling it, but the fact that he's having those misgivings is sad. I will miss the show, whatever the reason for its departure.
so it sounds like community has been delayed in order to actually give it some time for there to be proper promotion for the show. i dont see that as a bad thing, in fact i see that as a good thing.

@6, that's a good point. If I weren't so sure we'll get tons of fresh Louis CK material from him in other ways during the interim I'd be very upset.
Louie hurting more is the correct answer, but the only thing Community and Saved by the Bell have in common are that, in the years in which they were producing new episodes, I would have fucked their asshole male lead character.

Also, like I'm sure the Onion article says if I would read it, this probably just means that Community won't be banished to Fridays at the least, and at the best that it won't be paired with Whitney when it finally comes back.
My reading of Louis is that the show isn't going away, he's just taking a hiatus before going back into production. That's not bad news if you care about the quality of the show.

FX is wise to let him do whatever the hell he wants.
On a contrarian note here: it's a good thing when your favorite show dies.

How many shows have you seen where it's totally obvious that they ran out of ideas in season three, and seasons 4 (and God help us, 5 and 6) are all about squeezing out as many dollars from advertisers as possible?

Some of the very best shows to ever air on television only got ONE season. As bittersweet as it is, I'd rather have 24 episodes of the pure 150 proof stuff than watch year after year of tired, recycled ideas.
As long as they don't cancel PBS, I'm good.
@ 9

I would have fucked their asshole male lead character.

What about a Zach Morris/Jeff Winger sandwich? I'd hit that so hard, it'd be like every paintball in the world going splat at once.
No answer for: "Community ended at the close of S3 and nobody in their right mind is going to watch the mummer's farce they're calling the '4th season.'"
@3 I understand how stupid people can think these shows are overrated.
@15 - you sure showed me.
I'm all for Louie taking a break. It really feels like it's getting too self-indulgent and meta already. I'll miss it while it's gone, but my hopes are that it'll be that much better when it comes back. Frankly, with as many roles as Louis C.K. takes on for that show, I'm amazed he hasn't already suffered from total burnout like Chappelle did.
@17: Louie was always meta and pretty self-indulgent...it was a comedian doing a show about himself as a barely fictionalized comedian. Hilarious and touching though, so that is all that matters to me.

I love when a comedy show breaks out of it's genre to grasp for a real connection and surprisingly deep insight. Most of season three was this, and the closing few episodes were touching and great.

Moral Orel did this in a big way in its closing season, and really became more art than tv show.
Now pardon me while I go kill myself because of my misused apostrophe.
@16 I doubt it. You're probably still stupid.